About EDW

Hi, welcome to Elite Dive Watches. About EDW meant for an only diving watch. EDW provides high-quality, trustable dive watches to fulfill your dreams of diving watches. From normal to vintage model, low budget to big, quartz to automatic, everything related to Diver’s watch.

The Main story behind founding Elite Dive Watch

I am a watch collector. When I was 11 since then I collect different types of watches. So from there, I learn so many things about a watch. For the past 5 years, I have literally been obsessed with Dive watches. The appearance killing me. I purchased so many brands. But there are few features should know before buying any dive watch. Then Elite Dive Watch means this website comes to my mind.

I thought, why not I join this world! It feels amazing when I share my knowledge, personal experience, and opinion with others to get their watch. My girlfriend also supports doing such great things. So, from there I started Elite Dive watches.

Now, The question Why Dive watch not other watches? The only reasons in the modern era. Any dive watch leads timepieces to another level so it is trending for mesmerizing features.

Who Am I?

My self Saikat. I’m a professor but love to do adventure, explore new things. I’m a watch collector (although this tagline gives me from myself) I wear a watch daily in different models different styles, any new model launched in the market, that watch is present in my hand.

Though, my girlfriend is sometimes angry about my obsession. I gift her also watch all time. hehehe…

I am the owner and founder of ELITE DIVE WATCHES. My only aim is to create this site is to provide my knowledge and experience and some guides about diving watches.

I truly hope, My experience helps you a lot and solves any question regarding timepieces.

Thank You.