Are Invicta Watches Good for Regular Use/Diving? (2021)

As I can see, You have an interest in INVICTA. I’m a watch collector and have multiple branded watches but after using Invicta, literally fell for it. 

For more than three years, I am using Invicta Men’s 45mm Silicon Quartz one. I can’t see anywhere. I recently bought two Invictas; one is Invicta Men’s Pro Diver 40mm Automatic. Another one is for my girl-Invicta Women’s Objet D’Art 36mm Rose Gold Tone. She loves it. Now we have a couple of watches of Invicta.

You can check it out; I am sure your girl also likes this one.

Many people endorse Invicta as their first dive watch or water sports watch. I can predict you are one of them so, your doubt on how much are Invicta watches really worth is obvious.

Yeah, Buddy Invicta is a good watch band even in Diving timepieces.

In the next 5 minutes, you’ll definitely know about how good Invicta watches, what Invicta means, and the most confusing question: Where are Invicta timepieces made of and so on.

Today’s story is the truth about Invicta Dive Watches.

What does Invicta Mean?

Do you know? The word ‘INVICTA’ is derived from a Latin word that means Invincible. In the early 19s, Raphael Picard founded Invicta in La Chaux-de- Fonds, Switzerland.

Where are Invicta watches made?

Initially, Invicta was made in Swiss handcraft latter 1991, owned by a US-based company Hollywood, Florida, then Invicta was branded Invicta Watch Group in 2004.

Historically Invicta, Swiss-made timepieces, have been among the most renowned due to their high level of craftsmanship. Still, now mass production watches from China and Asia.

Invicta timepieces mostly come from China and Japanese NH35A watch movements. Many Invicta watches develop in Swiss movements include Swiss Sellita SW500 or SW200. 

Why are Invicta watches so cheap?

Invicta watches come so cheaply-

1. They outsource a large-volume part from Asia, China.

2. Invicta’s main goal is to spread among common people. So a cheap and reasonable price best target for large audiences.

3. Their production costs no as much as others.

4. They don’t make any movements, so all over Invicta come so cheap and quality.

5. Invicta sells a large number of watches every one hour for its low price.

A Quick History of Invicta

In the early 19s (1837), Raphael Picard founded Invicta in La Chaux-de- Fonds, Switzerland. The word Invicta is from the Latin term which means INVINCIBLE.

At very first, they produce their timepiece with excellent swiss handcrafts.

For more than a century, Invicta goes the same way and creates automatic and manual winding watches.

In, late 19s, they executed quality materials like anti-reflective sapphire crystal, swiss automatic and manual movements, and their evergreen crafted packaging.

In 1990 first introduces the Invicta pro divers series gain colossal popularity and keep a good marketplace.

In 1991 an investment group located in the United States acquired the brand. The Invicta again establishes as Invicta Watch Group In 2004.

Then introduce one by one great and today’s trendy models like- Invicta Pro divers, Invicta Lupah, Invicta Sea monster, Sea Hunter, Invicta Venom, Vintage, Invicta Just For Her, and Invicta Ocean Ghost (2008).

FAQS1. What watch brands does Invicta own?

There is three company that Invicta own.1. S. Coifman 2. Glycine and 3. TechnoMarine

1.   S. Coifman Created in 1906 and acquired in 2004 by Invicta. S.coifman famous for its classic look.

2.   Glycine was established in 1914 and bought in 2006 by Invicta. Glycine produces Swiss Made Military watches at low prices. The Glycine Combat Sub and the Glycine Airman are among their most renowned models.

3. Invicta bought TechnoMarine in 2005 that established it in 1997. As a standalone firm, TechnoMarine started providing trendy diving timers. They seem rather distinctive and extraordinary.

Are Invicta Watches Good?

If you open the internet and search about this question “Invicta Watches Good brand or Not.” You may come back with nothing but confusion.

The internet is fully congested with the less the reply, the more the argument. Not only I over millions of people daily wear Invicta watches without any regrets.

You may don’t know, being a watch collector and Invicta’s fan, I have to come up with the truth of Invicta.

After long research, I ahead with these positive points.

1. No one can Give the Best Quality Watch at the rate of Invicta- You probably know the price range of Invicta. It’s between 40 to 200 dollars.

2. Every Single Hour People Search term Invicta- more than 3000 people search Invicta watches

3.   Bracelet quality- Invicta makes bracelets with high-quality stainless steel.

4.   Watch Case- Watch dial also makes from stainless steel, which protects the watch from galvanic corrosion of seawater.

5.   Watch Face- The analog watch face is made from toughened, high-quality minerals and Sapphire. The Material protects the watch from water pressure up to 300 meters.

6.   Price Range- The price Range is running cheap( 40-100 $) and always in the discount mood. 

7.   Appearance- Vintage, Versatile color ranges, Different eye-catching designs.

8. The markings of the hour and hands are luminous.

9. Double protection clasp

10. Water resistance up to 300 meters.

11. Best timepiece for any water activity, diving, marine activity.

12.   Movements- Swiss/ Japanese high-tech quartz. Automatic as well as mechanical movements available.

13. Lightweight, heavy-duty, durable battery life, and no hassle of maintenance.

My colleague and I each have more than nine Invicta watches, and all of them are running smoothly and without incident. 

How Much Are Invicta Watches really Worth?

Wearing an Invicta is like flawlessly balancing your work and your wife. Your personality will benefit from the experience of a high-quality watch without becoming bankrupt.

There’s no need to change the battery, and the watch isn’t at risk of malfunctioning. A fantastic timepiece at a reasonable price that will impress your coworkers. Invicta is a symbol of your fearless personality.

If you have last-minute beach plans on a hot summer day, close your eyes and enjoy after Invicta.

The biggest benefit is that Invicta is designed for everyone, so you don’t have to worry about your favorite watch’s size.

On the plus side, now you consider how much Invicta is truly worth.

My Final Thought To You -Are Invicta Watches Good?

When planning to buy an Invicta watch, you will receive both negative and positive taste. It is entirely up to you how you will enjoy the spectacle while avoiding negative feedback.

I have to tell you that an Invicta watch truly creates a first-class adventure as well as a youthful appearance. So, don’t worry about how much are Invicta watches really worth. Just enjoy Invicta any time.

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