17 Best Dive Watches All Time 2021 | Affordable & Luxury

When it comes to a luxury watch collection, a dive watch is always the first. The dive watch is widely available on the market. Dive Watches will be taking you from the workplace to the beaches.

But the thing is if you don’t know what makes a good dive watch, choosing the right one, whether it’s your first or second, will be difficult.

If you’re scanning for the best dive watches of all time, then you must be a watch collector and want products that are both durable and fashionable. Right?

As you and I all know, the maximum number of people want dive watches for a luxury look.

If you ask me why you are collecting dive watches? 

My answer is only for a quality lifestyle. I am not a professional diver but love to spend time on the beach and do watery activities.

However, the dive watch industry started from 20 dollars to infinite dollars. I don’t know the exact last number, but here we cover up to 10K dollars.

It’s inexpensive, or most luxury dive watches must have specific characteristics that define a good dive watch, such as minimum 100-meter water resistance, high readability underwater, a moveable bezel that measures elapsed time, and a buckle closure strap for safety.

It’s not easy to find all of these in one place, which is why I went on the internet and spent seven days compiling a list of 15 high-quality products, which includes my five favorite dive watches of all time.

I hard to make a specific pattern to give you a perfect experience that starts with a low price and ends with a luxury diver watch under $100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000 dollars. 

Not only that but also added the dive watches that are dominating today’s market.

So hang with me and read it while sipping a cup of coffee. If you don’t have time, save your bookmarks; I guarantee you’ll save 1000 minutes on the internet this way.

Before we get to the best lists, I’d like to give you a quick rundown of the essentials that will help you choose the best one.

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What is a Dive Watch

First of all, don’t be confused between dive watch and dive computer.

Dive watches are watches that have at least a 100-meter water resistance power and can perform underwater pressure.

Nowadays, especially divers move to dive computer, however always go with backup is the best option and dive watch does the job perfectly.

Must Check Features of a Dive Watch

When it comes to professional dive watches, they must go with ISO-certified dive watches.

The most needed features are

Swimming, snorkeling, and other water-based activities require a minimum water-resistance of 100 meters. At least 200 m depth resistance is necessary for professional scuba divers.

Dive watches have three types of bezel stationery, bidirectional and unidirectional. 

My recommendation is always to go with a unidirectional bezel for measuring elapsed time. If you want to wear it for official purposes, a stationary bezel is also a good option.

Check whether the marker and hands are luminous or not, as this gives you legibility that is easy to understand even in low light.

The materials of the products are also vital because harmful materials are chemically reactive and not shockproof. So make sure it.

Dive watches’ glass is primarily composed of sapphire, minerals, and crystals. Crystals are very cheap. Try to go with sapphire, which is the best on the market; otherwise, go with minerals glass; both are scratchproof and antireflective.

Last but not least, check the quality of the strap to see if it is durable, and try to go with a buckle closure that provides double security against loss and damage.

These are the most crucial aspects of a dive watch that make it famous.

However, suppose you are new to the diving watch industry. In that case, you should read the detailed beginner-friendly buying guide for a better understanding.

And, never trust any myths that can change your diving experience.

Okay. Let’s move to our all-time best dive watches list, which is our most awaited part.

Best dive watch under 100 dollars

Invicta Automatic Pro Diver Watch


  • Round & Black display
  • Water-resistance 200 meter
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Mineral crystal dial
  • Screw down crown

Why did I choose it?

When we talk about low-cost products, we must consider what best features are sacrificed to keep the price low. Right?

Then there’s the fact that Invicta uses a Japanese automatic movement, which is less expensive than a Swiss movement, and the fact that the brand materials are provided by a third party, which means fewer in-house components are used.

When different components are marketed under other brands, the price is reduced as well.

If you think why am I chosen this product, then the answer is below-

  •  The perfect reason is Invicta pro driver is a homage watch to a Rolex Submariner. It means it’s famous for its versatile and classy look.
  • I am using this product last 1.2 years and I have no complaints about this. However, I am using it one or two times a month.
  • The quality of the products. Would you mind checking Amazon, where more than 12k happy customers already hold the product if you don’t believe my words?
  • We all have different tastes in colors because all are not black lovers like me. However, the model has 19 different color combinations. You can choose according to your favorite blend. No brands give you so many options like Invicta.

Don’ worry Invicta comes with all essential features like 200m water resistance suitable for scuba diving and any watery activities.

The luminous markers and hands provide the best legibility and have a warranty that makes any buyer happy. These all of the essential features make Invicta popular.

However, the article is on the list of the best dive watches of all time; that’s why I will not detail each feature.

If you want more information and explore more best dive watches, don’t forget to read the detailed guide on the best dive watches under $100 and pick your favorite one.

If you are a true diver watch enthusiast, you must have it. If not, please go with any Invicta dive watch, and I guarantee you and your loved one will never forget the brand.

Okay, let’s move to the next part.

As you know, the previous model was an automatic movement; that’s why I also added a battery function digital display watch. Do you know what it is? It’s G shock.

Casio Men’s G-Shock Classic Analog-Digital Watch


  • Dual time display
  • Water-resistance 200 m
  • Luminous hand and markers
  • Mineral crystal dial window
  • Battery-powered for movement

Why did I choose Casio G shock?

Even though G shock is made of plastic, the look and design are simply fantastic, and no one can deny that. The features that make the model more attractive that is elapsed time measurement and the auto-calendar.

Further, water resistance is 200 meters that are best for scuba diving and other watery activities. Don’t worry about battery life because battery life is 3 years and the materials and the design are totally shockproof.

So, you can use it for official purposes as well as regular watery activities, and you can even use it in your regular shower.

Best dive watch under 200 dollars

Orient ‘Mako II’ Japanese Automatic Diving Watch


  • Round and analog watch
  • Water-resistance is 200m
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Mineral crystal dial window
  • Case diameter 41 mm

Why did I choose Orient Mako over others?

First of all, orient Mako 2 comes with three color combinations black, deep blue, and blue-red variety. You can pick it according to your taste.

All the needed features are added like water resistance 200 meters, hand winding Japanese automatic movement, case, and band materials made with durable stainless steel materials. The band also has a double safety buckle closure.

Further, the mineral glass is antireflective and scratchproof that provides more legibility.

Frankly, I love to shop from Amazon, and the product has 4.7 ratings on amazon and has more than 2000 plus happy customers. Here you can imagine the quality.

I liked the elapsed time and day-date functions, but not the screw functions. It’s a little small for me, which makes it difficult to move.

Best dive watch under 300 dollars

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Quartz Watch


  • Water-resistance 200m
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Case size 48 mm
  • Dial window mineral materials
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Iso certified
  • Luminous hands and markers

Why did I prefer Citizen Promaster Diver?

We all know Citizen is a professional in the dive watch field. The best part is that this model comes with an ISO-certified tag, sufficient to go with this model.

Addition. Only a simple amount of light is required to charge the battery. The battery never runs out. When it comes to appearance, there are three color variations to choose from: blue, black, and green.

The band is made with polyurethane materials that are comfortable with our wrist and look fabulous.

All hands and markers are luminous; that’s why the screen is easy to read under low light.

I only discovered one limitation: it only displays the date, not the day. Though it isn’t a problem, you can change the band materials if you find them uncomfortable.

Is not it fantastic?

Now, we move on to our second watch for those who do not like quartz movement watches and require an automatic watch for less than $300. Are you on this list? Then here it is.

PHOIBOS Wave Master PY010 Automatic Dive Watch


  • 300m water resistance
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Sapphire crystal window
  • Cae size 42 mm
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Push-button

Why did I choose Phoibos Wave master?

Phoibos is a well-known brand but relatively new to the dive watch market and comes with a legendary watch. You can get all advanced materials and quality in the wave master model.

Remember, the wave master is an under 300 dollars product and comes with sapphire crystal materials which are the market best dial window materials. (Scratchproof and Anti-reflective)

You never need a battery for performance because it comes with Seiko NH35A automatic watch movement and has 1000 feet of water resistance power that is perfect for scuba diving.

Add on. The unidirectional ceramic bezel and sky blue color hands and marker make this model unique. No one can ignore the classy look, I guarantee.

There are numerous brands on the market. I discovered the top seven brands that produce the best high-quality dive watches under $500. Check out the detailed guide where we keep the price range between $200 and $500.

Best Dive watch under 500 dollars

Bulova Precisionist Men’s Dive Watch (Model: 98B152)


  • Water-resistance 300m
  • Quartz movement
  • Stationary bezel
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Case diameter 46mm
  • Mineral dial window
  • Screw down crown
  • 3-year warranty

Why did I Prefer the Bulova dive watch?

Bulova is one of the best dive watch manufacturers, and Bulova Precisionist is one of my favorite models.

To begin with, Bulova comes with a straightforward three-year warranty. In contrast, other brands require you to contact the seller to claim it.

The case is made with durable stainless steel, and the rose gold and black combination are dominating the market. The 300-meter depth resistance is perfect for any watery activities like swimming, snorkeling, etc.

The Bulova proprietary quartz movement is eight-time better than standard quartz movement, and it’s true. It’s more accurate.

Further, the strap is black and made with polyurethane that has three-layer buckle closure safety.

The only thing I don’t like about this model is the stationary bezel function. It means the bezel never rotates.

Best dive watch under 1000 dollars

So many brands present in the market produce high-quality dive watches that selecting one can be difficult. 

I make it based on my research and experience. Some brands are also overly successful in this area. 

So, depending on my own experience and research data, I recommend the three best models under $1000.

  • Best automatic dive watch under $1000
  • Best swiss quartz movement under $1000
  • Best solar charging dive watch under $1000

SEIKO Men’s Diver’s Automatic Watch (SKX009K2)


  • Round and analog watch
  • 200m water resistance
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Case diameter 42 mm
  • Hardlex crystal dial window
  • Luminous hands and markers

Why did I like Seiko’s automatic watch over others?

Seiko’s model must be included when it comes to the world’s best top ten dive watch brands because they are experts in this field. 

To be truthful, whatever advanced features come with this model, you can find them in other models. Still, here I prefer band popularity because Seiko’s are masterminds for diving watches at an affordable price.

Seiko knows what customers need and what they don’t, so he builds this model around the must-have features and makes it more powerful to eliminate the flaws.

The powerful features are 660 feet of water depth resistance suitable for all watery sports and activities. The automatic movement charges upon your wrist movement, so, never need a battery to perform the dive watch.

However, the model has a unidirectional bezel made with two unique color combinations, deep red and deep blue, making the model more unique. 

The strap is built with stainless steel, durable and safe to fold over the clasp.

If you love a big-size dive watch on the wrist, then this is not for you.

Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Pro Diver Watch


  • 200m water resistance
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Case diameter 45mm
  • Luminous hands and marker
  • Sapphire crystal on dial window
  • Screw down crown
  • 3 year limited warranty

Why did I choose the Victorinox Swiss quartz movement?

Victorinox provides the best features at this price point compared to other brands. The brands offer a three-year limited warranty. So, don’t be concerned about quality.

If you think of adding a swiss movement watch to your closet, then Victorinox is the best one.

Did you know the model is available in 11 different color schemes ranging from grey to yellow? Not just that, you can also personalize the strap materials.

The model also comes with three different strap materials: rubber, stainless steel, and titanium.

Is not it exciting?

Stop! The Victorinox comes with 200-meter water resistance and is ISO certified. The luminous hands and marker make this model more legible, and the date shows between four and five markers.

The INOX model comes with sapphire crystals that are scratch resistance and anti-reflective. You can read it at a glance.

Are you amazed by all of the features? Then simply check the price; you’ll be surprised.

After all of these endearing features, the model’s one limitation is its weight. I wish it were a little lighter.

CASIO G-Shock MUDMASTER Men’s dive watch


  • Analog-digital display
  • Water-resistance 200 m
  • Solar charging system
  • Shockproof
  • Case size 56 mm
  • Sapphire crystal dial window

Why is Casio G shock mud master popular in this field?

Casio G shock is a worldwide famous Japanese brand and professional in the dive watch field.

G shock is one of the best options for a digital and analog display under $1,000.

The model has 200meters depth resistance and vibrational proof. The sapphire crystal window makes the watch robust, and it’s anti-reflective.

Further, the temperature indicator and stopwatch is the added function that helps in our daily life.

The only complaint found about this model is the strap which is made with rubber. If you ever feel uncomfortable, you can change it and remember that the case size is 56 mm, suitable for a large wrist.

Best dive watch under 1500 dollars

Garmin Descent Mk2i, dive computer watch


  • Unisex dive watch
  • 1.4″ color display
  • ABC sensors
  • GPS available on the surface
  • 80 hrs battery life on diving mode

Advanced features about Garmin Descent Mk2i

Garmin Descent Mk2i dive watch is going to change your diving experience as well as your personality.

The pure black design you will love after using this model because it’s easy to read under sunlight.

The sensor is using this model is super-advanced which can measure your blood oxygen saturation which supports sleep and acclimatization to high altitudes.

You can pair it with a decent T1 transmitter to measure oxygen consumption and remaining ait time.

Hold on! Included are built-in support for various sports applications, elite training capabilities, contactless payment, music collection with premium subscription service support, smart notifications for phones, messages, and schedule alarms, and other features.

The most exciting thing about the model is you will get three-mode drive mode, smartwatch mode, and GPS music mode.

The battery life also alters depending on the mode. It can run for 80 hours in drive mode, 16 days in smartwatch mode, and 15 hours in GPS and music mode.

It’s all about craftsmanship, and the dive watch full fill all things. Remember, GPS is not going to work for you underwater.

If you are not a dive computer lover or digital lover, then the below chronograph watch for you.

Tag Heuer Men’s ‘Formula 1’ Swiss Quartz Dive watch (Model: CAZ1010.BA0842)


  • 200meter water resistance
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Case diameter 44mm
  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Sapphire crystal dial window

Why will you love Tag Hauer’s man’s dive watch?

If you’re familiar with the dive watch market, you’re probably aware of how much people adore Tag Hauer’s watch. It all comes down to quality.

The bezel is made with titanium with tachymeter marking. Tachymeter is a device attached to the bezel of a timepiece.

It can evaluate speed based on time traveled over a fixed distance. It is possible to convert elapsed time into seconds per unit.

Furthermore, the timepiece displays dates, minutes, hours, and seconds in an easy-to-read format.

The dial window is made with sapphire materials that are the market’s best and give you a scratchproof dial experience.

Remember that all of the standard features that have been mentioned are available in this model.

If you compare it to other models and wonder what is new in this model, let me assure you that none of the luxury and high-end models have such differences.

Yes, the difference is between the quality of the components that use in luxury models.

Best dive watch under 2000 dollars

Longines HydroConquest Dive watch


  • Case size 41mm & 43mm
  • 7 variants of color
  • Swiss Mechanical movement
  • 300m water resistance
  • Sapphire crystal dial window
  • 5 Years warranty

Why would you prefer Longines?

In the dive watch industry, Longines has tremendous brand value.

The Hydro Conquest had a facelift in 2018 with a new design aesthetic, modern solid automatic mechanism, with an expanded power reserve, elevating its luxurious appeal without raising the price.

Furthermore, the model is available in two case sizes. Both of which are made of stainless steel and have a matched unidirectional ceramic bezel.

The strap is made with stainless steel and comes with double safety closure that means the model is always safe in your hand.

Finally, I have one word that just goes with green matt, and I guarantee you will love the watch for the rest of your life.

The second most loveable brand is Oris. If you are looking for under 2000 dollars, then it’s also a great option.

Oris Aquis Date Men’s Stainless Steel Automatic Diver Watch


  • 300m water resistance
  • Swiss automatic movement
  • Sapphire crystal window glass
  • Case size 44mm
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Deployment Clasp with a Push Button

Why would you choose Oris Aquis over other brands?

Oris is a Switzerland base luxurious brand founded in 1904.

The brand comes with 1000ft water resistance, a silver luminous marker, and hands that increase legibility.

The glass is made with sapphire crystal which has a six-layer coating that is anti-reflective and scratch protective. Also, have a mineral crystal case back.

The black unidirectional bezel measure 60 minutes elapsed time.

Add on. The swiss movement automatic watch never needs a battery to perform. Oris caliber 733, Base SW 200-1, 28’800 A/h, 4 Hz vibrations, 26 jewels, and a power reserve of 38 hours.

I think this is one of the best model made by Oris and you will going to love after few days of use.

Best dive watches under 5000 dollars

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Swiss Automatic Watch


  • 300m water resistance
  • Movement: Co-Axial 2500
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Sapphire crystal window
  • 5 years warranty
  • Case size 42mm

Why is Omega Seamaster famous all over the world?

The Omega Seamaster is another high-end diving watch featuring a helium escape valve to safeguard it against helium damage.

The dial and bezel inlay is composed of corrosion-resistant ceramic and an anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial window.

I am not going to explain deeply about Omega because we all know the quality of this brand, and that’s why it comes with a five-year warranty card.

However, if you want to buy it, the Omega website is the best, and the second-best option is Amazon.

Okay, let’s move on to our three most luxurious products: two Rolex models and one Omega.

To be honest, I don’t have these three models and have never used this model. I did a basic review based on internet data and research.

Best luxury dive watches of all time

Rolex Submariner


  • 300m Water Resistance
  • Case diameter 41mm
  • Sapphire Crystal Dial Window
  • Movements- Swiss automatic Rolex Caliber 3230 and 3235
  • Ceramic Unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Screw down crown, triplock waterproofness system watch Bracelet- Heavy Oyster band 
  • Deployment Clasp
  • Cromalight display
  • Power Reserve- 70 hours
  • Watch Material- Oyster steel
  • Winding- Bidirectional self-winding via perpetual rotor

Do you need any explanation for Rolex? I think the features are enough when it comes to the Rolex brand.

However, the price will cross $10000 if you want to buy any Rolex dive watch.

If you like the design but cannot afford it, you can try the best Rolex homage watches. The watch has the same appearance as a Rolex but is manufactured by a different company.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co‑Axial Watch


  • Anti‑magnetic
  • Automatic watch
  • Chronograph & Chronometer
  • Helium escape valve
  • Case size 44 mm
  • Screw‑in crown
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel
  • 300m water resistance

Why will you detest Omega Seamaster?

When needed, OMEGA’s patented CHRONO LOCK technology is featured to safeguard the chronograph activities, providing secure timekeeping and the option to lock your calculated time.

The bracelet is made with durable stainless steel. Still, if you do not love the strap, you can change it quickly because of the Omega patented quick-change system.

Add on. The watch includes red & blue soft-touch grabbers in rubber to assist grip during watersports.

In one line, all the advanced features you will get in the Omega model start from the Helium escape valve to the chronometer function.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Dive Watch


  • Water-resistance 1200m
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Automatic movement
  • Case size 43mm
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Oyastersteel material

Why do you need a Rolex sea Dweller?

The Rolex sea dweller is one of Rolex’s best models. After all, quality matters in the dive watch industry, and we all know who won the game.

The Rolex dial is made with oyster steel that is highly corrosion-resistant and has long-lasting blue luminescence on a highly legible Chromalight display.

The unidirectional ceramic bezel gives you accurate and precise time underwater, and it’s easy to use.

Addon. The oscillator sensors are highly shocked absorbers and give you total protection. Rolex Glidelock extension method with foldable Oysterlock safety buckle. Link to the Fliplock extension. Safe in all hands.

So, if you are a Rolex lover, Dweller is the best option among all. Still, if you want the same model at an affordable price, you must check the best homage watches that will satisfy your craving.

Wrap up on Best Dive Watches All Time

If you’re planning a wedding or wondering what kind of gift to give that will make you stand out, a dive watch is always the best choice.

Dive watches can be found everywhere, from your office to spending time on the beach or diving in the ocean.

The Classy look of a dive watch can change your personality, and nobody can deny that. Are you?

There are 1000 distinct brands on the market, and they have 1000 models to choose from when deciding on the best product. It’s not easy, and I believe that appearance and design differ from person to person.

However, I try my best to give you a list of products that I personally used, and I believe you also love these models.

Don’t forget to ping what model you love the most. I am waiting to hear from you. If you have any queries regarding dive watches, feel free to ask.


Q1. Who makes the best luxury dive watch?

The best luxury brands are Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Breitling, Citizen Promaster, Casio sports, LIV-GX Timer, IWC Aquatimer, and many more.

Q2. Can a dive watch be worn daily?

Yes, you can wear it undoubtedly. But before that, make sure your dive watch has a quality strap/bracelet. Otherwise, it’s going to irritate you.

Q3. What is the world’s best dive watch?

In my opinion, after going through more than fifty dive watches brand, I can say Rolex is The world’s best dive watch brand. If you want to know specifically, then my answer is the Rolex Submariner model.

Q4. What is the incredibly affordable dive watch?

The best affordable dive watches are
1. Invicta automatic dive watch
2. Casio G-Shock watches
3. Bulova dive watch
4. Phoibos dive watch

Q5. Is 100m water resistance sufficient for diving?

100m water resistance suitable for warty activities like swimming, snorkeling, showering, etc. Not suitable for scuba diving and serious marine activities. For professional diving, always go with ISO certified watch and minimum 200-meter water resistance.

Q6. How big should a dive watch be?

A dive watch’s standard case size ranges from 40mm to 44mm.
Some G shock models have 56 to 58mm diameters, preferred by people with larger wrists.

Q7. Can you Swim with a dive watch?

The majority of drivers prefer automatic dive watches because they are more secure in terms of waterproof technology. There is no power source. In conclusion, there is no necessary to unlock the case to change the batteries. Your hand movement is sufficient to charge the watch….

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