5 Best Seiko women’s dive watches all time

Seiko and its timepieces are suitable for both men and women. Each diving watch caters to both.

You’re coming for the best Seiko women’s dive watches. I enlisted only 5 diving watches that fit in your hand.

Hey, I’m a watch collector and know any watch very well. My blog only makes to share my knowledge and experience about aquatic watches.

I am glad that you are here and watch my list and surprised that you’re also the same as me, interest in a diving watch.

Choosing for Seiko brand, I want to appreciate your right decision. Today you get the 5 best Seiko’s women’s diving watches; why there are only five, you can get the answer at the bottom point of the page.

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5 Best Seiko Women’s Dive Watches All time

Before you get the entire list, I want to inform you all dive watches are not ladies, but they are way better looking and good at your hand.

Let’s start with Seiko Prospex Padi Solar watch special edition 4.7/5 global rate.

1. Best Seiko Women’s Dive Watch- Seiko Prospex Padi 


  • Precise Japan Solar Quartz Movement Caliber V157
  • Push Button Release Clasp
  • Unidirectional Rotating Bezel
  • Water Resistant – 200 M
  • Screw Down Crown with Case back
  • Case size- 43.5 x 12 mm
  • Display- Hardlex crystal

If you love diving watches, then you have probably known about PADI, the world’s largest and trustable diving network. In 2016 Seiko and PADI tied up and launched their marvelous model Seiko Prospex Padi Solar SNE435P1.

To celebrate and strengthen this partnership, two Prospex PADI Special Editions launched around mid-2016.

A engrave beautiful PADI and Seiko logo centered at case dial.

Moving to its notable features-

The water protection is up to 200 meters, considerably suitable for Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, any water activity with this watch.

Do you know, Seiko builds every timepiece element in their in-house. From Quartz movement to automatic and solar power.

The fascinating part of Seiko Prospex Padi Solar SNE435P1 is – powered by the solar system. That means the battery is charged by a light source, then convert and store into the cell to operate the timepiece.

Now resemble how Seiko Prospex Padi can be your best woman dive watch ever.

Look at the dial, oh my God; The blue shimmer dial with bold pearl white, round hour marks and 6,9 and 12 has rectangle hour marks make more visible.

The watch dial crystal is very crucial because it scratches more often. So here you get Seiko’s in-house Hardlex Mineral Crystal dial face. 

Hardlex Mineral Crystal is more scratch-resistant than other mineral crystals. It can withstand water pressures of up to 500 meters. It is clearly visible even in water.

Do you forget the date and all? Then here is your solution, now no need to check the calendar when Seiko Prospex Padi is here. 

The magnified date window is present at the 3’o clock position, which is a perfect position to see at a glance.

Come to the watch hands. The hour hand is bold pearl white glare at the blue dial. The minute hand and second hand are also bold visions, while in second hand has red marks at the tip. When it moves around, you can clearly see the exact time.

Ok, You’re interested in a diving watch. Then I may guess you must know about the most notable character should present at a diving watch! The Bezel.

Yes, Seiko Prospex Padi consists of a unidirectional rotating bezel with significant luminous marks.

The Bezel material is Stainless steel. Tough and rust-proof. Manage your Elapsed time so easily.

The screw-down watch case is made from robust stainless steel and has a screw-down crown. The most prominent advantage of a screw-down crown is how much far you go; the screw never disappoints you and gives you 100% security.

Moreover, the bracelet also makes from a corrosion-proof stainless steel band, enough to resist water pressure. The 20 mm lug width lends itself well to many strap options.

How do I forget about the Lock? Double safety Push Button Release Clasp Lock Feature.

Wait a minute- it’s not over yet.

Picking from a fan of Seiko Prospex Padi user says- ” In the first four hours of use, the Luma bright is so detailed to read. For the next four hours, the light is relatively low but still coherent. Surprisingly, it charges entirely in less than a minute.”


  • Solar-powered cells charge anywhere from any light source.
  • No need to worry about Battery fail
  • Three-fold clasp with push-button release
  • Easy to read and maintain.
  • The charge can run up to 60 hours.


  • Thick compare to a lady’s hand.

NoteThough Seiko Prospex Padi is good to pair with men’s hands, you can try as women watch. It does not imply gender. I gifted Padi to my Girl Friend last year, and It fits in her hand very well.

I never thought that this watch could fit into a girl’s hand in such a bold and astonishing way. That’s the reason it’s on this list.

I hope that if you try, there will be no one who will not praise you.

Check out the next best Seiko women diver watch.

2. Best Seiko Women’s Automatic Diver Watch- Seiko Prospex Samurai 


  • Self-Winding Automatic Movement
  • Hackable Second Hand
  • Hardlex Mineral Crystal
  • Case Size: 44 mm x 12 mm Thickness
  • Water Resistant – 200 M
  • Screw Down Crown and Case Back
  • Unidirectional Rotational Bezel
  • Power Reserve 41+ hours
  • Magnetic Resistance 4,800 A/m (60 gausses)
  • Warranty:2 Years

Since the 1970s, Seiko has been at the forefront of innovation. You will find that they are always seeking to provide better their timepieces and take their enterprise to another unique example.

Automatic movement watches are now more than 100 years and buildup their place in the watch market for accuracy and perfectionism. 

It works with a large rotor (think of a playground swing) that moves when your wrist moves, winding the watch. The watch’s power comes from the spring, which is incorporated by the rotating rotor.

With the 4R36 caliber and 24 jewels, Seiko introduced its new caliber range in 2019- which has a date window at 3 o’clock position.

There are 24 jewels in the Caliber 4R36, which has a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour (six beats per second) and a power reserve of over 40 hours. Seiko’s Diashock anti-shock system and ETACHRON regulator are included.

Lumibrite-treated hands and markers. A screw-down adjustment crown. A unidirectional rotating diving bezel along with luminescent PIP at 12 positions.

Solid imprinted, screw-down case back with Hardlex mineral crystal face dial. It comes with a fully secure Three-fold clasp with a secure grip, push-button release with extender a stainless steel bracelet with a deployment clasp.

On top of all that, the black dial has a fascinating honeycomb weaving pattern texture, just like the original Samurai.

It has a unique design of hands that is based on those found on Seiko’s Monster watch series. It comes with a user guide and a box from Seiko. I’m pretty much sure Seiko Prospex Samurai looks marvelous in your beautiful hand.


  • Shok proof
  • Power reserve more than 40 hours; hence there is no problem with the clock turning off.
  • Running 12 sec off periodically
  • Comes with two years warranty.
  • you want to prolong the warranty. They extend it for a reasonable price.


  • Not such found

Note-If you’re looking for a great dive watch but don’t want to spend thousands on an Omega, this is it! An elegant, full-size diver’s timepiece with a great band that’s black, grey, and silver-toned.

It is remarkably definite. Do not be concerned that the 43-millimeter face is too large for your size. Rather than overspending for an Omega watch that doesn’t keep time as well as this one, get this one, and you’ll be notably pleased with the end.

3. Seiko Women’s Divers Watch- Seiko SKX013K2 Black Dial ( Budget-friendly)


  • Self-Winding 7S26 Automatic Movement
  • Day and date window
  • Hardlex Mineral Crystal
  • Case Size: 38mm x 13 mm Thickness
  • Water Resistant – 200 M
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Unidirectional Rotational Bezel
  • Power Reserve 40 hours
  • Magnetic Resistance 4,800 A/m (60 gausses)
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Look no further than the Seiko SKX013K2 if you’re looking for a watch with a high-end appearance. It reminds me of the Rolex Submariner in appearance.

It comes with an oyster box. When it comes to the more expensive timepieces, you’ll find that this happens. You can see those older units were often designed with them, which gives it a retro feel.

Inevitably, it’s powered by a rotor crankshaft. When it comes to Seiko watches, one thing you probably know is that they always use in-house Japanese automatic tools. It furnishes with a 7S26 movement.

In addition, You get 21 jewels- positioned between gears to reduce friction. You’ll notice that your watch will run more smoothly the more of them there are. The Seiko SKX has a 21- jewel incline, whether others contain 17, which means it runs like cream cheese.

There is a good chance you’re curious to know about the battery’s capacity. Well, it has a 40-hour reserve built-in. As a result, it’s not all that unusual to work 38-40 hours a week.

A big plus for you is how it appears. Even though it’s not expensive, it still looks expensive. It is due to Seiko paying homage to the Rolex Submariner with this timepiece. However, the SKX watch isn’t an exact copy. Their handcraft makes a huge difference.

4. Best Women’s Dive Watch- SEIKO SRPD59 5 Sports Orange Dial Face


  • Manual winding 24 Jewel Automatic Movement
  • Day and date window
  • Hardlex Mineral Crystal
  • Case Size: 42.5 mm x 13.4 mm
  • Water Resistant – 100 Meters
  • Screw Down Crown and Case Back
  • Unidirectional Rotational Bezel
  • Power Reserve 41 hours
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Seiko SRPD59 5 Sports most famous and favorable watch now in trends.

The bezel twists in one direction, polished edges and notched edges improve grip and ease of use. The bezel is black aluminum. The aforementioned gives the watch a vibe of sportiness.

Water resistance of 100 meters makes it appropriate for swimming and showering but not for deep diving because of its low depth rating.

Because of its bright, vibrant orange dial, this timepiece really attracts attention.

5. Most affordable Seiko Women’s Dive watch- Seiko 5 Sports Specialist


  • Manual winding 24 Jewel Automatic Movement
  • Day and date window
  • Hardlex Mineral Crystal
  • Case Size: 43 mm x 13 mm
  • Water Resistant – 100 Meters
  • Combined leather and urethane strap with pin buckle
  • Unidirectional Rotational Bezel
  • Power Reserve 41 hours
  • Double-sided automatic lift (magic lever)

Do you love leather finish strap watches? Then Seiko 5 sports specialist Black leather strap with black dial only make for you.

This series is all about Seiko’s world, and You may already know about the function and power of Seiko. Seiko is a Japanese company but won an immense profession in the Dive watch market.

All of its movements- either Quartz to Automatic Jewel movement or Solar power, never let you down from deep sea to your office work.

Seiko 5 Sports Specialist Black leather model is the substantially same function as others but contains 24 Jewel. More jewel in it make it more smooth running.

The advantage of the Leather band over the sturdy stainless steel band is- more enduring, very comfortable to wear all day, lightweight, and can absorb sweat. 

It Looking so beautiful in a girl’s hand. I mean it, fits perfectly with you and makes you a professional diver.

Not so surprising the Magic Lever. The double-sided automatic lift which easy to access anywhere. Don’t worry about the price. 

The watch is worthy of your every penny, and the feature you get at this price no one will give. Each and Everything inhouse crafts.

But the drawback of the Seiko 5 Sports specialist model is- You can’t go deep as you want. It is suitable for regular water activity or surfing.

So what are you thinking? Relatively confused? Are you thinking about whether you go or not? Am I right!

Let me say more about it.

The Benefits You Get from Any Seiko’s Diving Watch

1. The Seiko Movement-

Seiko originates from Japan, so each Seiko’s timepiece gives you precious the world high-class Japanese technology. They make all elements in their in-house.

Seiko’s world-leading craft-man ship. The company develops and revolutionizes their timepiece every year and bring brand new unique features. You will be stunned.

Either Quartz movement or Automatic both movements can beat any high rate timepieces. Their revolutionary Jewel caliber never feels worried about the watch running capacity.

2. The Captivate Look-

If you get any Seiko watch, you can feel its loyalty, vintage retro emotion. Maybe they are revolution their timepieces but never-ending with quality and old Seiko’s emotion.

After getting your Seiko, you realized how worth your decision was. 

3. Best Dive watch

Now Dive watches use as fashion stars for any outfit. One diving timepiece can change the all overlook just in a minute—a watch with an affordable price, yet not less than any royal appearance. Seiko exactly promotes you the same way.

4. Budget-Friendly Price Tag

A quality Divers watch always comes near about 1000 dollars, or you may pay more of that. However, having a Seiko, you do not have to spend 1000$ for that. Quality with a unique look under 500$. 

5. Now, time to forget about repairing

We often forget to service once or twice a year, leading to counting problems. Nevertheless, here you go and spend the rest of your life with Seiko without any doubt.

Seiko is one of the most pro-gamer in the timepiece world. Their movement never lets you worry about repairing.

Alternatively, accidentally your watch break, then Seiko’s showroom is available in every corner of the world; just take the watch there. They will provide more than 100%.

I think these are enough to bring one Seiko for yourself.

What is the drawback?

I don’t think this can be a drawback of such a precious watch, but many people think of its origin. Seiko is from Japan, so they believe it is a Japanese movement that they don’t like.

I think it totally depends on what people think, yet I can suggest you. You never regret buying this. I am a watch collector; I have the experience of wearing Seiko to tell you. You nailed it.

Final Verdict on Best Women’s Dive Watches

My girlfriend wears past one year Seiko Prospex Padi. It really looks incredible when she wears it. I can assume you look as well. Until now, no problem arises. Work perfectly fine. Prospex Padi is a limited edition, so quite costly. 

If you love leather, strap then goes for Seiko 5 sports specialist, Affordable and reliable.

Seiko is worth your money and time. Hence, getting a Seiko you always on time and look stunning.

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